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3D Round Ridges

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As Hrcnsteel, we provide fast and effective solutions to the needs of companies operating in different sectors. In the machinery and automotive sector, we carry out the production and supply processes of various mechanical parts (chip manufacturing, bronze bushing, casting, piston rings, shaft seals, O-rings, etc.), prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. We continue to produce innovative and sustainable solutions for the needs of the sector.

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts are widely used in vehicle engines, gear and pulley systems, rotors and stators, brake systems, abs sensors, steering systems, oil and fuel pumps, vehicle safety and comfort systems (seat, airbag, mirror, camera, fan, seat belt, air conditioning), shock absorbers, and compressors.

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Self lubricating Copper

Self-lubricating bronze bushings, thanks to their porous structure, are used to provide systems that do not require re-lubrication after being impregnated with oil. It has a wide range of applications such as brake systems, steering, transmission, shock absorber, cooling systems, radiator, fan, fuel pump, white goods, air conditioning, small household appliances, industrial machines.

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